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♫ GIRLI - Dysmorphia ♫

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Français: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI Anglais: C D E F G A B
The chords used are:
Les accords utilisés sont:
♫ Am,   F,   G,   D,   C,   Dm,    A ♫
Contact fading, a memory delayed He is an island now We were born this way Numbness, sedation, precipitating time Will you confront this? Your past is yours not mine Nostalgia Soaked. Sweat. Dripping alcohol Dysmorphic structures. Contaminating eyes Wanting to caress the perfect insides Of our thighs And fantasize about the present And the future to deny The past so shaking, unforgiving Can we lose ourselves to now? Nostalgia Here. Stripped back. Naked on the floor Come down. Persuasive. Memories detained Forcing down your neck The last morsel of repressed shame Binding contract. Engagement of the flesh When will it fall apart? Derailment and the end

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Retour Partitions 3