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Janis Joplin - MAYBE

 Français: DO	RE	MI	FA	SOL	LA	SI
English:   C	D	E	F	G	A	B

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G Gmaj7 Maybe, Em Oh, if I could pray, and I try, dear, Am7 C Bm7 Am7 D7 you might come back home, home to me. G Gmaj7 Maybe, Em Am7 If I could ever hold your little hand, C Bm7 Am7 D7 Oh, you might understand. G Maybe, C F#m5b5 Gsus G maybe, maybe, may - be. G Maybe, Gmaj7 maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, Em dear, I guess I might of done somethin' wrong, and I'd be glad to admit it. Am7 C Bm7 Am7 D7 Oh, come home to me. G Maybe, C F#m7b5 Gsus G D7 maybe, maybe, may - be. C When I know that it just doesn't ever seem to matter, baby. C#dim Honey, when I go out or what I'm tryin' to do, can't you see I'm still left here, G G7 an' I'm holdin' on in needin' you. C Please, please, please, please, C#dim oh, won't you reconsider, baby. Now come on. I said, come back, E7 Am7 D7sus D9sus honey, come back to me. G Gmaj7 Em Bm C A D7sus G Gmaj7 Em Maybe, dear. Emb5 Am7 Oh maybe, maybe, maybe, ah, C Let me help you. Bm7 Am7 D7 Show me how. G C F#m7b5 Gsus G Maybe, maybe, maybe, may - be. C F#m7b5 Gsus G Maybe, maybe, may - be. C F#m7b5 Gsus G Maybe, maybe, may - be

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