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Texas - The Conversation

Franšais: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI Anglais: C D E F G A B
Bm E|------------------------------|| 4x B|-----------------3~~ ---------|| G|----------2\ 4 ------4-2-h4---|| D|------------------------------|| A|---2-x-2----------------------|| E|------------------------------|| Couplet 1 Bm Any time we have a conversation G It's never what you wanna hear A It's funny how much words can hurt you Bm Even after all these years Bm I wanna make an observation G 'Bout how you tear your world apart A And every time I try to tell you Bm You blame it on your fickle heart Refrain Bm How they're hurting you G When they're not deserving you A Are so, are so afraid of you G It's time to have a conversation Bm Give it up, G I'm never gonna hold you up A You've always been afraid of love G It's time to have a conversation Bm G A Couplet 2 Waking up is never easy So why don't you come over here Tell me 'bout the dreams that haunt you Tell me 'bout your secret fears I wanna change your obsession If only I could make you see How it's all your own creation That's bringing you this misery Refrain Bm G A The words you hear in your head Bm Bm Were never said, were never said G A The heart you break, you mistake Bm Bm For me instead, for me instead Refrain (2x)