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La Musique en Liberté sur Twitter Anastacia - Im Outta Love - CHORDS - Partition(Accords et Paroles Lyrics)

♫ Anastacia - I'm Outta Love ♫

Français: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI Anglais: C D E F G A B

Intro : Bbm F G# Eb (x2) Bbm F Now baby come on G# Eb Bbm Don't claim that love you never let me feel F I should have known G# Eb 'Cause you've brought nothing real Bbm Come on be a man about it F You won't die F# F I ain't got no more tears to cry Bbm F And I can't take this no more F# F You know I gotta let it go, and you know Bbm I'm outta love F Set me free G# Eb And let me out this misery Bbm F Just show me the way to get my life again G# Eb 'Cause you can't handle me Bbm I said I'm outta love F Can't you see F# F Baby that you gotta set me free Bbm I'm outta love, yeah Bbm F Said how many times G# Eb Bbm Have I tried to turn this love around? F But every time G# Eb You just let me down Bbm Come on be a man about it F You'll survive F# F True that you can work it out all right Bbm Tell me, yesterday F Did you know? F# F I'd be the one to let you go? And you know Refrain Bbm Let me get over you F7 The way you've gotten over me too, yeah F# Seems like my time has come F And now I'm moving on, I'll be stronger Refrain