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Billie Eilish - My Future

 Français: DO	RE	MI	FA	SOL	LA	SI
English:   C	D	E	F	G	A	B

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[Verse 1] Ebmaj7 I can't seem to focus Eb7 Ab And you don't seem to notice I'm not here Abm I'm just a mirror Ebmaj7 You check your complexion Eb7 Ab To find your reflection's all alone Abm I had to go [Pre-Chorus] G Can't you hear me? Cm Bb F/A F I'm not comin' home Ab Do you understand? Abm6 I've changed my plans [Chorus] Ebmaj7 Eb7 'Cause I, I'm in love Ab With my future Abm Can't wait to meet her Ebmaj7 Eb7 And I (I), I'm in love Ab But not with anybody else Abm Ebmaj7 Just wanna get to know myself [Verse 2] Ebmaj7 I know supposedly I'm lonely now (Lonely now) Eb7 Know I'm supposed to be unhappy Ab Without someone (Someone) Abm But aren't I someone? (Aren't I someone? Yeah) Ebmaj7 I'd (I'd) Eb7 Like Ab To be your answer (Be your answer) Abm 'Cause you're so handsome (You're so handsome) [Pre-Chorus] G But I know better Cm Bb F/A F Than to drive you home Ab 'Cause you'd invite me in B Db And I'd be yours again [Chorus] Ebmaj7 Eb7 But I (I), I'm in love (Love, love, love, love) Ab With my future B And you don't know her Ebmaj7 Eb7 And I (I), I'm in love Ab But not with anybody else B Ebmaj7 I'll see you in a couple years

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