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Emma Peters - Missin You Crazy

 Français: DO	RE	MI	FA	SOL	LA	SI
English:   C	D	E	F	G	A	B

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Ab )  ( Bbm )  ( Cm )  ( Dbmaj7 )  ( Cm7 )  ( Db )  ( Bbm7
It's been way too long, since I seen you, 
looked you in your eyes
Riding round the town and staying out, 
don't wanna say goodbye
Everything's so different now, 
you're just what I'm missing now
But I know that I can't have you back, 
I guess I'm trippin' now

Sometimes I start missin' you crazy, 
ain't nothing quite like you (yeah)
Love like this keeps goin' and goin', 
I cannot forget you (no)
Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh
Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh

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