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La Musique en Libertť sur Twitter Keith Urban - My Heart is Open - CHORDS - Partition (Accords et Paroles Lyrics)

♫ Keith Urban - My Heart is Open ♫

FranÁais: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI English: C D E F G A B

Capo-1 Intro-D-G-BM-A-G Verse 1 D G I thought I was doing all right being alone Bm A G I swore Iíd never let somebody get close again D G I was never gonna let my guard down, Not for anyone Bm A G But thereís a light in your eyes and itís got me moving in A G Em And tonight these walls are all coming down Chorus D G And my heart is open, Iím letting you in Bm A Cause you give me a reason and the faith G Iíve been needing to start again D G And your love is healing Iím finally breathing Bm A G Iíve been waiting so long hoping for this moment Em D-G-D My heart is open Verse 2 D G These days it seems like everybodyís just walking away Bm A G Like thereís no forever and love is just a game D G Bm A Em But donít you know you can believe me when I say that Iím your man Chorus Bridge D/F# G I canít wait anymore, no no Em Because Iíve got nothing left to prove And Iíve got so much left to use A Thatís why Iím tearing out the walls And baby Iím kicking down the doors Lead-D-G-Bm-A-G D G And your love is healing Iím finally breathing Bm A G I can hear you calling, Iím ready to fall in love again Em D-G D My heart is open My heart is open