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Joe Dolce - Shaddap you face - Partition (Accords et Paroles Lyrics)

♫ Joe Dolce - Shaddap you face ♫

Intro: E6 E 
(Hello, I'm Giuseppe. I've got something 
special for you. Ready? Uni, duno, tre, quatro) 
 (E6 E) 
When I was a boy 
Just about to leave the grade 
Mamma used to say 
Don't stay out late 
With the bad boys 
Always shooting pool 
               E            A 
Giuseppe don't flunk school 
(E6 E) 
Boy you're making me sick 
All the things I gotta do 
I can't be given no kicks 
I always got to follow rules 
Boy you're making me sick 
Just to make the lousy bucks 
Got to feel like a fool 
(And Mamma used to say all the time) 
(E6 E) 
What's the matter you 
Got no respec 
What do you think you do? 
Why you look so sad 
It's not so bad 
It's a nice place 
Ah, Shaddap you face 
(That's my Mamma, I can remember 
A big acordeon solo) 
(E6 E) 
Soon there'll come a day 
Gonna be a big star.e- chords .com 
Then I'll make TV shows and the movies 
Get myself a new car 
Still I'll be myself 
I don't want to change a thing 
Still dance and sing 
(And think about the Mamma - She used to say) 
Hello, everybody. That's how today  
I'm a eadio and TV man. Did you know 
I had a big hit song in Italy with this: 
Shaddap you Face. I sing this song and all 
of my friend abroad. They're clapping 
their hands. That makesme feel so good. 
You've got to learn this song. It's real 
simple. You see, I sing. Hey" Then I sing 
the rest, and then, at the end, we can 
all sing "Ah Shaddap You Face" ok? 
Let's try to do it, uno, duo, tre, quatro