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I'm good, yeah, I'm feelin' alright
Baby, I'ma have the best fuckin' night of my life
And wherever it takes me, I'm down for the ride
Baby, don't you know I'm good? Yeah, I'm feelin'

I feel like fallin' in love (feelin alright baby)
I'm in the mood to fuck somethin' up (flyyyyy)
I need some drink in my cup (feelin alright)
I'm in the mood to fuck somethin' up
Baby tchoutchou baby

Elle me dit t'es pas là
Elle aimerait un duplicata (tchoutchou)
Possession amour tiki taka
J'suis sous jack elle sous thé matcha (tchoutchou)

I've been drinking more (more)
À la base j'voulais que ça chatta (more)
Le faire sur window shopper
Smoke la weed comme Whiz khalifa

I dont wanna know alcohol for the past five days
Did you check on me? (did you check on me?)
Now did you look for me?
I walked in the room, eyes are red
And I don't smoke banga
Did you check on me? (did you check on me?)
Now did you notice me?

We gon' fuck up the night
(lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-low you got me like)
Fuck up the night
We gettin' fucked up tonight

Another Banga

Bet you you'll see far
(lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-low you got me like)
Bet you you'll see stars
Bet you you'll elevate
Spaceships fly

Baby, calm down, calm down
Girl, this your body e put my heart for lockdown
Oh lockdown, oh, lockdown
Baby show me you can calm down

In this world,
(calm down)
it's just us
(calm down)
You know it's not the…

Just a heart broke bitch, high heels, six inch
In the back of the nightclub, sippin' champagne
I don't trust any of these bitches I'm with
In the back of the taxi, sniffin' cocaine

I can buy myself flowers
(Boys a liar)
Write my name in the sand
(Boys a liar)
Talk to myself for hours
(Boys a liar)
Say things you don't understand


Voy con la falda, aro' y cadena'
Piña colada, no tengo pena,
Fuck la fama, fuck la faena,
La noche es larga,
(My bitch is gay)

Mira qué fácil te lo voy a decir
A, B, C, one, two, three
Mira qué fácil te lo voy a decir
Que esta motomami ya -

Y ando despechá
Baby, alocá
J'ai câblé pour toi
Jusqu'à ce que je die
Y ando despechá
Wesh ma race comment c'est
J'peux pas recommencer
(My bitch is gay)

Jusqu'à ce que je die

I might kill my ex, not the best idea
(J'maille - maille)
His new girlfriend's next, how'd I get here?
(Bail - bail - j'voye - voye)
I might kill my ex, I still love him though
(J'die - die - j'maille -maille)
Rather be in jail than alone
(Bail - bail)

Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot
At the body shop, doing something unholy
(My bitch is gay)

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