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Luke Bryan - Where Are We Goin - CHORDS - Partition (Accords et Paroles Lyrics)

♫ Luke Bryan - Where Are We Goin ♫

Français: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI English: C D E F G A B

INTRO G Gmaj7 Em Am Am D Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh VERSE G Gmaj7 Where are we goin' when we leave here? Em When the music's over and the bar runs out of beer Am If we stay too late, they're gonna kick us out D Is it cool if I come crash at your house? G Where are we going? The night is young Gmaj7 Em And we're both half sober, hell bent on having fun Am You say if we hook up, there'll be no strings attached D Save my number, you don't have to call me back C G Let's have some cigarettes and find a spot that ain't closed yet D G And if it is, we'll buy a box of wine C G/B I just had to talk to you, forgive me if this comes out rude Am D You got to know it's true, but girl, you look so fine VERSE G Where are we going? If nowhere else Gmaj7 Em There's an old field road, out past the shut down Shell Am We could shine those eyes, we could count them stars D Borrow some signs, go fishing in the dark C G D We'll sing some old Hank Junior songs, "Outlaw Women" all night long D G Make some good ol' down home memories C G/B There's something 'bout the sky tonight, something 'bout your blue eyes Am D Am Baby, you remind me of my sweetest dream Am G My sweetest dream C My sweetest dream D Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah OUTRO G Where are we going? If this is love Gmaj7 Em There's no way to know but just between the two of us Am It all feels so right with you in my arms D G Where it's going, I don't know, but let's keep following our hearts G Em Ooh-ooh, ooh Am Yeah D Hmm, hmm G Em Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Am Oh, oh D Hmm, hmm, hmm