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♫ Matilda, Dagny - Anyone Else ♫

Français: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI English: C D E F G A B

Simplified chords / Accords simplifiés The chords used are:
Les accords utilisés sont: C, Am, G, F [Verse 1] Where’ve you been I’ve been reminiscing ‘bout last summer Looking at you underneath my covers Hoping you would find your way back Back Where’ve you been I’ve been talking to a bunch of strangers Telling them our story, now they hate us ‘Cause no one that in love should be apart [Pre Chorus] Whatever we are [Chorus] Your hand still fits in mine I think about that time When you asked me to never let go ‘Cause you’d never felt this loved Your hand still fits in mine I think about that time (When I told you I’d n?ver let go) When I told you how I f?lt How there’s never been anyone else [Chorus 2] What is this Why do we keep looking at each other How come you can still make my heart flutter Why does this feel like it’s in slow motion Slow motion What is this What did you come up to me to say? Whatever you were thinking went sideways And now we’re standing speechless in this silence [Pre Chorus] Whatever it is