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The Native Howl, Lzzy Hale - Mercy

 Français: DO	RE	MI	FA	SOL	LA	SI
English:   C	D	E	F	G	A	B

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As the willow leaves on the willow 
trees keep shaking as they do
I’m gonna side-step over this mountain 
and walk on waters blue
Because the cretins lie and the police spy, 
waiting for a miracle to come their way
When they could and should have easily 
turned their head towards the sky, and pray

They say:
Father, please have mercy for what we’ve done
Let sleeping dogs lie in the burning sun
As the vultures spin and culture’s sin lays 
waste to all we’ve come to know and love
And now honor and truth’s a might long in the tooth, 
yet it’s veracity we’re dreaming of
So the broken smiles and token milestones 
come to make us all just what we are
As we squeeze the souls snuggly into the molds, 
unfit to harness but a shooting star

We pray: 
Father, please have mercy for what they’ve done
Let lying dogs burn in the sleeping sun
Burn ‘em up!
Here we go!

Now the willow leaves, once as thick as thieves, 
wilt away with all our hopes and dreams
And a shadowy voice gives illusion of choice, 
all to silence the enduring screams
So we face the dawn with a pistol drawn and 
repugnance burning in our soul
And the fury at hand storms from jury to stand, 
as we draw near to the final toll
We sing: 
Father, we won’t have mercy for what you’ve done
Father, we’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done
Father, I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done!
God damn!

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