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♫ Woman, Brian May - I'm A Woman ♫

Français: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI Anglais: C D E F G A B

The chords used are:
Les accords utilisés sont:
Simplified chords / Accords simplifiés
♫ E, A, D, F#, G, B, A#, Em, C#m, C#, A#m ♫
Yeah, yeah! I can wash out forty-four pairs of socks And have them hanging on the line I can starch and iron two dozen shirts Before you can count from one to nine I can scoop up a great big dipper full of lard From the drippings can Throw it in the skillet, go out, do the shopping And be back before it melts in the pan 'Cause I'm a woman W-O-M-A-N I'll say it again Yes, I'm a woman W-O-M-A-N I can rub and scrub this old house Until it's shining like a dime Feed the baby, grease the car and Powder my face at the same time Get all dressed up Go out and swing 'Til 4 a.m. and then Lay down at 5 Jump up at 6 And start all over again I-am-a-woman W-O-M-A-N I'll say it again Whoah, I'm a woman W-O-M-A-N If you come to mе sickly You know I'm gonna make you well If you come to mе hexed up You know I'm gonna break the spell Ya-know-I If you come to me hungry I'm gonna fill you full of grits And if it's loving you're liking I'll kiss you And give you the shiverin' fits 'Cause I'm a woman! (Guitar solo Brian May) Whoah! Oooh-ooh ooh-oh I can stretch a green-black dollar bill From here to kingdom come I can play the numbers, pay my bills And still, end up with some I've got a twenty-dollar gold piece Says there ain't nothing I can't do I can make a dress out of a feed bag And make a man out of you Ya-na-na-na-hey-now Ya-na-na-na-hey-now Ya-na-na-na Ya-na-na-na Woman! Woman! 'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N Woman!

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